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The primary purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for my observations and analysis about tasers, taser "associated" deaths, and the behaviour exhibited by the management, employees and minions of Taser International. In general, everything is linked back to external sources, often via previous posts on the same topic, so that readers can fact-check to their heart's content. This blog was started in late-2007 when Canadians were enraged by the taser death of Robert Dziekanski and four others in a short three month period. The cocky attitude exhibited by the Taser International spokespuppet, and his preposterous proposal that Mr. Dziekanski coincidentally died of "excited delirium" at the time of his taser-death, led me to choose the blog name I did and provides my motivation. I have zero financial ties to this issue.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Example of a Taser Certified "expert"

How many watts/ volts do police carry in a stun gun/ or taser? How many volts/watts could injure somebody?

Trooper3316 wrote (about halfway down the page as this is written): ...Tasers have less than .02 amps, which is 30 times less than the lethal dosage of .7 amps. Source: 16 years law enforcement, Taser Certified [LINK]

Note: The above link leads to Yahoo Answers. The "answer" in question, written by Trooper3316, who claims to be "16 years" in law enforcement, and adds that they're "Taser Certified".

Humans must be evolving if the lethal "dose" of current has crept up to "0.7" amps (that's 700 mA) {ROLLS-EYES}. This reportedly Taser Certified ignorant idiot is off by at least an order of magnitude.

And ignorant "Taser Certified" folks like this might end up on the witness stand, in some backwater court, clutching their little Taser Certificate, presenting themselves as an expert on the subject.

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