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The primary purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for my observations and analysis about tasers, taser "associated" deaths, and the behaviour exhibited by the management, employees and minions of Taser International. In general, everything is linked back to external sources, often via previous posts on the same topic, so that readers can fact-check to their heart's content. This blog was started in late-2007 when Canadians were enraged by the taser death of Robert Dziekanski and four others in a short three month period. The cocky attitude exhibited by the Taser International spokespuppet, and his preposterous proposal that Mr. Dziekanski coincidentally died of "excited delirium" at the time of his taser-death, led me to choose the blog name I did and provides my motivation. I have zero financial ties to this issue.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Allegheny County fooled by that whole FAKE/BACK thingy

County report calls tasers valuable, safe tools for police [LINK]

"[During a demonstration hit] Every muscle in his body cramped at once. His jaw locked, teeth grinding. He screamed -- an unexpected, deep guttural sound. And for five seconds, David Harris was paralyzed. And then 30 minutes later, with no side effects, the University of Pittsburgh law professor drove himself home."

"[During a real world deployment] Mr. Thomas was ...shocked by a Taser three times in a very short span of time, Mr. Pushinsky said. He was pronounced dead at UPMC Braddock."

I will bet you that Prof. Harris was tasered in his back. This is normal practice for all training and demonstrations. Scroll through the many images here: [LINK]

And I will bet you that Mr. Thomas was tasered in the chest. Rate of death with chest hits is clearly higher than training and demonstration hits to the back.

Combine this simple and obvious observation (clearly missed by those involved with this pathetic study) with the latest Taser Targeting Guidelines (see image below), and there's no mystery about exactly what has gone wrong with this poorly-executed study.

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